Navigating the online shopping world can be rough. When you start filtering those search results for Plus Size fashion, it can become an even bigger frustration. Not all retailers are celebrating the #FashionBug Plus Size mindset, offering Fashion Bug in plus size. If and when they do, they often sell out fast.

To help you keep your shopping options open, we’ve rounded up some of the best item that offer a wide array of plus sizes. Fashion Bug which offers on trend pieces at reasonable prices, high-end designer items in plus size.

Check out our list of awesome item for Fashion Bug Plus Size Shoppers and let us know if we missed any gems!

During this time, many people, especially women, who are overweight feel troubled when they have to choose clothes. Fashion bug plus size tries to answer all of these anxieties by specifically providing plus size clothes.

However, besides choosing clothes that fit the plus size, it turns out there are some tricks that can be followed so that your body can look more ideal.

How To Choose Fashion Bug Plus Size Clothes To Be Proportional

  • Use Monochrome Color

Simple colors like black and white can make the body size slightly smaller compared to wearing clothes with many colors.

For this type of clothes, you can wear white culottes pants that are one calf length. For the top, you can match with a black semi cropped top. This kind of top will make the body silhouette shrink.

For a more edgy impression, add a touch of scarf as an accessory and you are ready to look stylish.

  • V-Neck Collar Models

One complaint of women who have a plus size t body is a neck that looks less taller. To overcome this, you can wear a top that has a V-neck collar. Tops with this type of model will make your neck look more level.

Moreover, if the V-Neck top has a vertical stripe it can cause illusions on the body so it looks slimmer. For more stylish look, you can match it with a ruffle accent skirt or with baggy trousers.

  • Bright Color Off Shoulder Dress

Do you prefer wearing a dress than a top? You can wear a dress with brightly colored off-shoulder accents. Do not be afraid to use flashy colors, as long as they are supported by the right model.

This off shoulder model is suitable for you who are overweight because it can make you look slimmer. You can add a large belt that is placed on the stomach, this will make your legs look longer.

  • Two Patterned Clothing

Many obese women are afraid to use clothes with motifs because they assume it makes the body look bigger. Though fashion with a bohemian chic look can actually make you look trendy and slim.

You can also combine patterned tops and bottoms at the same time, but try to use dark colors and not more than two colors.

  • Select Statement Item

Statement items do make anyone who uses them become the center of attention because the model is very bold and makes an impression.

Many plus size women avoid these types of clothing, not because they don’t fit, but don’t have confidence if they become the center of attention.

Though statement items such as apron pants are actually very helpful to cover the shortcomings of large hips. Especially if combined with bright color tops, you will look stylish and also confident at once.

The function of loose shirts for obese women is to disguise the body and cover the bulging belly. Loose shirt can help you move more freely. For this reason, you should choose a superior material that is able to absorb sweat well.

To compensate for the loose loose shirt, you can combine it with jeans with a stretch bodycon model. In addition, add high heels so that your legs look more level.

Being a woman with plus size posture is not a sin. You can still look confident and attractive without having to leave your identity. There are many models of clothing in the fashion bug plus size which will certainly spoil yourself.

In addition to choosing the right clothing model, there is another way that can make you look attractive. That is self confidence. There is no one else who can be you as good as yourself. So, let’s shine!